Special Occasion Gifts

Do you ever wonder what to get a friend or family member who seems to have everything?

Perhaps they themselves have told you, "I don't need anything." And yet you still want to do something to mark their value to you. Maybe it's a couple whose anniversary you want to commemorate.

Or maybe you want to encourage a child to have a broader view of the world outside of their own overflowing toy box, and to value giving to others less fortunate than they.

A Special Occasion Gift through Aid For Starving Children is a wonderful solution for any gift-giving opportunity:

Your gift is guaranteed to meet a critical need and make a real difference. It will never have to be taken back and will never sit on a closet shelf. It will be a true gift of LIFE.

In celebrating the life of your loved one, you will also be celebrating the lives of precious children who may have no one else to affirm their value. Your gift will become a multiplied gift of LOVE, and will make everyone feel better about themselves.

Your friend or family member will receive the gift of knowing they have made a life-saving donation that made a DIFFERENCE to a needy child.

non profit organization helping children

How does it get any better than that?

The Foundation will send a card and certificate noting your gift, and including any comments you specify.

There Are Lots Of Perfect Gifts To Choose From, Depending On Your Budget. Here Are A Few Ideas:

$15 can help feed a child in Kenya or Uganda for a month.

$35 can help provide an abandoned or orphaned baby in Zambia with life-saving infant formula and loving care.

$50 can help rescue children from the devastating effects of malnutrition in Haiti.

$500 can provide a tank and roof catchment system for a family in East Africa -- or you can buy a share in the water system for a smaller amount. This will provide dozens of people with access to safe water for up to 20 years.


aid for starving children in africa